Excess of PDF Compared to Other Document Formats

What is a PDF? Understanding PDF (Portable Document Format) is a type of document or file format for the purposes of digital document exchange created by Adobe System in 1993. Initially, this format is used for the benefit of digital document exchange, but now PDF format is also widely used for presentation of two-dimensional documents consists of letters, text, vector graphics and imagery. You can convert a document to pdf by visiting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2llX4Nk9bVk right now.

Not only that, Adobe Systems Inc is now also developing Acrobat 3-D program in the form of PDF capability to read three-dimensional documents. Now PDF has become the ISO standard with code 32000-1: 2008 since July 2008. In accordance with the definition of PDF above, this format is often used in office administration because of its ease. Although the early release of this format is less desirable because it is not competing with its predecessor Microsoft Office, but because it has a feature that allows users to archive documents make PDF is now increasingly used.

Here are some advantages of PDF compared to other document formats:

– Can be given security by setting the password so it can not be edited arbitrarily or even opened though. Use the PDF locker software if it can not be opened.

– Most people may assume that PDF files can not be edited because by converting to other documents it is likely the data will be garbled. But make no mistake because currently there is a PDF reader software that also features an editor.

– As mentioned earlier PDF format not only store data in text form but also image (image) or photo also can.

– There is a lot of PDF reader software, software to convert from text or images and software to do editor (either by application or online). The availability of this highly diverse software is an indication of the fame of the PDF format to date.

With all the above advantages it is not surprising that the current PDF format has its own place with its flexible, easy to use and certainly does not degrade the quality of converted files.

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