Is it your first time in London?

For those of you who want to see London from altitude for free Trinity college glasgow, just go to Greenwich Park which is one of Royal Park in London. There you can walk to a hill that is not difficult for the climb. Sitting back in the grass while looking at the view in front of the eye.

Although the view will not be as good as when you are on top of the London Eye and The Shard is in need to pay for it, but at least you can see a bit of London from the height of this place. The atmosphere is very calm and peaceful here. You will also meet many tourist tourists who are relaxing.

Lunch is cheap

Can not deny that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit. And eating in London is very expensive. If you want to save a little budget, you can go to the supermarket for a while like Sainsburys, Marks & Spencer or Tesco.

You can buy ready-made food for £ 3. The contents can be rice with its side dishes, a bowl of noodles, salad or sandwich. I was surprised just by that price, and it feels pretty good. If you have time, just come to the market of street vendors to buy food for a cheap price.

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