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Fly Safe With This Tip

Sure, flight safety may be the matter to take into consideration when you plan to take tes masuk stpi. When you are on the plane, that does not mean you stop to act alert. There is still something else to watch for safety. The first is to pay attention to the safety demo that was first demonstrated in the cabin, or displayed on the video screen. It’s very important for passengers to understand that you are ready for things that are not desired. Unfortunately, the demo of the cabin crew is often ignored, passengers. After observing the safety demo of the cabin crew, read the safety manual carefully. It helps you to better understand how to save yourself.

Next is to know the position of the emergency exit on the plane and how to open it. When panicked, the person near the emergency exit might not know what to do, and suddenly forgot how to open the emergency exit. By knowing the position of the emergency exit and how to open it, you can help open the emergency exit. This is very important in the rescue process.