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Distinguish Between The Sense Of Resign And Lazy To Try

Too many problems that exist in life can usually make people become lazy and resigned. However, you need to know that lazy and resigned are two different things and you can not equate. Because both even have different meanings. You are advised to always have a holy spirit in order to understand that everything that happens on you is already set by God.

There are some differences between resignation and lazy trying that you should know.

– Resigning gives you a local backup, while lazy just makes you do nothing
Those who usually claim to be resigned when just trying to find it easier to find reasons to surrender in the middle of the road. Survive never falls with the nature of the loser, this decision will make you want to fight.

– Resign to make you have God’s ability for something you can not control
Being nonsense when there are people who claim to be resigned and choose not to do anything. Because surrender is not really a justification for laziness.