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Know more about the Limousine from Korea

Most limousine or limo cars circulating in South Korea are Hyundai’s limousine. Hyundai limo output modification of the Hyundai Equus car, the most expensive sedan Hyundai output. In June 2013, the usual Hyundai Equus can already be found in the South Korean market, China, America and the Middle East. As for the limo version of Hyundai Equus can only be purchased in South Korea automotive market. Meanwhile, you can visit https://lalimorental.org if you want to rent the best limos for your occasions.

Hyundai Equus Car Deployment Limo and Regular Version
The long version of the Hyundai Equus car first appeared on the market in September. So since that month, Hyundai Equess has 2 versions of the regular and limo versions. The Hyundai Equus distribution sold is:

The usual Hyundai Equus car for the United States and Canada is just the Hyundai Equus VS500 version.

For South Korea, there is a regular version of Hyundai Equus and a limo version. For regular Hyundai Equus cars, there are VS380 and VS500 models. As for cars Hyundai Equus limo version, there are models VL380 and VL500.

President of Costa Rica Car

car limousine Hyundai Equus Hyundai Equus car modified version of the modified VL500 model is awarded as a reward for the country of Costa Rica, one of the countries in Central America with the official Spanish language. This gift car is used as the official car of the presidency. Why did the Costa Rican government choose this car as the official car of the presidency? Maybe the reason