These Are Some Of The Features Of A Home That Are So Avoided By Thieves

You must have left your house for a long time empty. This can happen for many reasons you have. however, at that time your house may be subject to theft or other harmful crimes and harm yourself. If this happens, then you can visit to clean your house from the remaining remnants of the crime.

In fact, there are some criteria or characteristics that you should know about the house that is avoided thieves despite being in empty conditions and circumstances. Some of the traits in question are

– Block the scenery inside the house
Do not let people outdoors easily see the inside of your home. Better to block the inside scene, for example by using a film glass that looks dark from the outside, or use a thin curtain to cover windows and glass of the house. The easier the thief sees the inside conditions of the house, the easier it will be to find weakness inside your home.

– There’s a guard dog
If your house is big enough, caring for a guard dog will not hurt. Dogs can always ‘kiss’ suspicious people. They will be fierce and try to signal if they suspect someone. Moreover, criminals will usually avoid a house that has a dog.

– Turn on the lights in the living room
In addition to the home terrace and other home corners that should be left bright, lights on the inside of the room should also be allowed to light. If only the outside is bright while the inside is dark, the culprits will realize when your house is empty.

– Familiar with neighbors
The lonely, dark, and unfamiliar environment of the house will be an easy target for the perpetrators. The reason, neighbors will not know what happened to the house next door. For that, make it a habit to foster a close relationship between the environment. For example by holding meetings every week and then doing security patrols. Looking at familiar surroundings and getting to know each other, thieves will rethink to stake out your area.

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