Tricks Using Facebook Live

Facebook recommends some best practices for Facebook Live. In addition, here are some recommendations for you. You can also visit our website and buy facebook live views.

Focus on your broadcast. Know what you are going to talk about in front of the video so you do not have to talk around.

Knowing the plan about what you will talk about in the video and do it well will improve your reputation.

Create an interesting title. You need to link the title to your broadcast focus. When people get a notification that you are live, a title is the only thing they see when before deciding if they want to join you.

– Try to use a good audio device. Speak clearly, loud and close to using a microphone. As with any other video, your audience should be able to hear what you say. To achieve this, avoid broadcasting anywhere whose background there is noise.

– Use 2 cameras, for the front and rear. Since you probably will not want the camera to continue to highlight your face all the time, you can easily switch back and forth between the two. When the camera is facing you, the audio will work better. Speak when taking shooting pictures from a distance.

– Understand your audience. When you live, be sure to greet the friends and fans who are looking. Or answer to comments both during or after live.

– Test the length of your broadcast and your time. Facebook recommends you live for at least 5 minutes. But it does not matter if you want to do it about 2-20 minutes. See what your audience likes and use as your measuring tool. Try also at different times to see if the audience is there to see your live.

– Ends with a call to action. It can be an essential element of your social media selling, gain the most of it by leading your audience to a particular place. Add a call to action at the end of your live moment, like to visit the website or send a personal message to you for more information.

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