Two Basic Tips for Choosing a Swimming Pool Pump

The pool is not just a pond that is only filled with water. However, the swimming pool is a complex system consisting of several components such as circulation, filtering, and so forth. This system involves a lot of equipment devoted to swimming pools. One of them is a water pump. This pump is used to drain the water to the filter to filter and re-issued in a clean state. With the increasing demand for pumps, the availability of pumps in the market is increasingly diverse. For that, for those of you who are confused in choosing it, here are tips on choosing a swimming pool pump. If you are looking for the Best Pool Pump for Above Ground pool, you can visit our website.

– Choose Pool Pump Based on Pond Size

In choosing a swimming pool pump, keep the pump selected according to the size of the pool. The trick is to know the flow capacity in the pool circulation. First, calculate the volume of water in the pool. Calculating the volume of pond water can be done with the formula length of the pool x wide pool x depth of the pool (for a rectangular pool). Then you will get the actual volume of pond water. If you already know the volume of water, then adjust the type and capacity of the appropriate pump for the volume of water. pump capacity is too small for large water volumes will cause the pump overheat and not working optimally.

– Adjust Type of Pump with Available Room
In choosing a swimming pool pump, the courtyard near the pool or the space surrounding the remaining pool is also a consideration. Indoor pools usually have limited space, so ideally use a small pump. However, for outdoor pools, you can use a large pump because the available space is relatively bigger. For that, preferably at the time of pump selection, you also consider the available space. So that pump will be installed later in accordance with the pool you have.

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