Type of Vehicle Insurance

If you want to compare the best insurance company, you just need to visit comparenodepositcarinsurance.co.uk/. It’s good you know in advance 2 types of vehicle insurance follow. By knowing the difference, of course, you will more easily choose where the most appropriate vehicle insurance and in accordance with your ability.

TLO (Total Lost Only) vehicle insurance guarantees loss due to total loss or damage with a minimum of 75% due to the accident. That is, if an insured vehicle with a TLO type of protection suffers minor damage such as a beret in the body, a broken mirror, or other minor damage, then you can not claim the hall. The advantages of insurance TLO is a low premium, which is about 1% of the price of a car or motorcycle.

– All Risk
Comprehensive insurance or All Risk is a complete vehicle protection that guarantees both large and small accidental losses. The extension of this insurance coverage includes berets or dents, floods, earthquakes, riots, terrorism, as well as third-party responsibilities (other parties are hit). The premium is more expensive than the TLO, but it seems worth remembering the maximum protection for consumers and their vehicles.

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