Wenger is considered as the best Arsenal coach

Arsene Wenger’s decision to resign from his post at the end of this season as Arsenal coach invited many reactions. One of them is the former Gunners goalkeeper, Bob Wilson, who considers the Professor as the best tactician of all time. After receiving a lot of criticism since last season, Wenger finally put his post. 22 years of service in North London is considered enough for most fans, especially the team’s performance in the last few seasons is declining. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to check out more Arsenal news as well.

However, Wilson considers Wenger remains meritorious to Arsenal’s progress. Even throughout the history of the club, the former Gunners goalkeeper is admitted the Frenchman was the best coach of Arsenal.

“He is the greatest manager in the history of Arsenal. I always remember when the first day arrived there and without a doubt, I said he was the greatest person I’ve ever seen in my football career,” Wilson said.

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